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Hi,I'm a smooth slim t/girl from Kent, UK.
I'm a completely smooth, slim, petite, fully shaven femme tgirl. Femme size 8 now, five foot six inches tall and 119 lbs in weight (that`s 8 1/2 stone in good old fashion English or 54 kg if you want to be all european). I`m a submissive bottom but that does not mean i don`t like intelligent conversation nor have a mind of my own. I just like a guy to take the lead and be in charge. Oh, and not forgetting to administer me poppers which i love. I have also been taking feminisation hormones.

Both my nipples are pierced and rung as well as my belly button, and a few other interesting places.

I am perfectly relaxed about myself and about meeting guys providing they are sane, 100% certain about meeting, are relatively experienced and also appreciate us special girls and know how to handle us and give us what we need. When I say a girl I mean just that because whilst I might have boy bits I'm more comfortable with being treated like a girl.

I enjoy going out and was a great lover of the Philbeach in London. It's a great shame it has closed. I stay in London at times and also on the Southeast London/Essex border around Dartford and Thurrock and sometimes elsewhere around the east side of London if I feel the inclination to do so and depending if my date is interesting enough to curl up in bed with for the night. I have friends in Colchester and Chelmsford and have ventured that far at times.

I am really more interested in meeting mature guys, not much into the "quick shag and leave" type though. Grown out of that and seek a bit more in my life. One thing I won't be is rude so if you do message me you will get a polite reply. Also if I agree on meeting at a specific date and time then I will show up. I refuse to chase after any man though - so don't expect me too. Being a submissive does not mean being a doormat.

For all you Kent guys and London guys who have visited ct-19 and met me there I am pleased to say it is now open on a Tuesday and a Thursday and is now managed by the owner. t's receIntly been completely revamped inside and totally modernised - yes even got central heating now. Fridays is fetish anything goes day for those that dare.
ct-19 in Folkestone.

Don't ask me whether I am bi, straight, gay, ts or anything else because I am one of those very rare people who is a "Me". I've done poppers, smoked, taken hormones, been an idiot, got drunk and done videos so I guess I have lived out all the fantasies.

I'm not interested the least bit in all the macho stuff like football or rugby. Except for an interest in Posh Beckham for her slim look - the bitch! At school I avoided playing those games like the plague. I can't get excited or see anything in running about on wet grass churning it into mud and getting soaked and frozen into the bargain. The rub down in the shower afterwards maybe. I did play hockey though!!! My teacher played for the Pakistan national team.

Don't ask me what I am into because I shall probably tell you my facination is with the ice age and the deposite of glacial sediment. What am I looking for? Interesting people who can chat about lots of subjects not just sex and got just the one line "show us your dick" (yes I got one and don't ask me to use it because I don't!) I don't wanna cam and I don't wanna drool over pictures of a dick (I've probably seen more than most people have for real - close up too when sucking).

I do love meeting interesting guys. I don't want to meet in the car, outdoors in some seedy dogging site, or with someone who is not comfortable with this lifestyle. A guy who really does appreciate the effort us girls go to, who is as articulate in conversation as he is athletic in bed and who would like to meet on a regular basis without crowding each others lives so to speak - oh and a master is even better - yummy!

Work wise I am back in Central London (thank god no more journeys round the M25 scrap yard)and I sometimes also travel round Kent and Southeast London.

I still keep in touch and see some of the friends I have meet over the years. I don't go chasing all over the place just to get screwed (been there, seen it and done and got the certificates for it). Oh - and I don't have the slightest bit interest in poking my dick in any warm moist passage real girl, tgirl or guy so please don't ask! I'm just a selfish bitch that likes to take and needs a smack from Mr Right to keep her in check.

Finally I must say a big thankyou to a few friends who took some of my pictures, Alan and Dave - and a smack to John for taking the naughty one! and I ain't even gonna say a word about Roy who has probably photographed me more than anyone - coz he will give me an even bigger smack!!!!!!

Fantasy Girl @ Lacies in Folkestone. It really is a lovely shop packed with loads of goodies. Don't be afraid to visit as it is really in a discreet part of the town and the shop owner is really helpful and puts you at your ease as soon as you walk in. Take your credit card though as I guarantee you will want to buy more than you plan. For those of you who can't make it, they also run a mail order service. So just look through their product range and give them a ring and if they don't have quite what you are looking for then they can normally get it for you.

You can contact me via email at chelle@michelle-kent.com or chat to my on yahoo messenger id michelle_subtv_uk@yahoo.com

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